Employee Recognition Programs

        Reduce the Costs associated with Recruiting and Training Replacement Employees

Employee recognition – when done right – has a proven effect on employee engagement, which in turn yields business value: Higher levels of productivity.  Reduced turnover.  Stronger financial performance.  Improved customer service.

There’s a method to cultivating employee engagement, and the underlying principle is simple: developing a culture of appreciation is directly linked to consistent demonstration.

Employee recognition programs help to solidify and establish your commitment to do just that.  We’ll show you the importance of recognition in reinforcing, encouraging and rewarding desired behaviors – and design an effective, comprehensive program tailored to your organization and its specific needs.


At BHD Promotions we offer high-quality & desirable rewards, a powerful online employee recognition platform and a dedicated team to support your every need. Recognition is not a corporate luxury. It’s a corporate necessity in reducing turnover, increasing productivity and creating a positive work environment.

Take your CULTURE to the next level.